Extensive range of roses at competitive prices

Experience and knowledge are central at Zandbergen Roses. As a specialist in roses, we respond to the daily fluctuations in the global rose market and can facilitate transactions between suppliers and buyers as efficiently as possible.
Our commercial employees offer an extensive range of roses at competitive prices every day. In addition to these offers you can use the webshop, it is possible to place orders and we advise you about the latest developments in the market.

Buying at FloraHolland clocks

Our products are purchased daily at all major FloraHolland clocks and direct from various growers. With sound product and market knowledge, the purchasing team strives for the best price / quality ratio. The many years of experience of our team is indispensable.

Quality Control

After the product arrives at one of our locations, the roses undergo a quality inspection and then moved to our storage cells. The product is then available for sale.

Orderpick and sales

We offer our daily fresh products via our webshop but also through direct sales done by our salesteam. After placing an order, the so-called order pick takes place. Via barcodes, the orders are checked again to see if the correct product ordered is delivered to the right customer.

Logistical distribution

The product prepared for transport is delivered to our customers via Zandbergen Logistics.