Your Rose Specialist

Zandbergen Group originated from the former family business FJ Zandbergen and has developed over the years into a leading independent organization with the rose product as it's specialty.

The companies are managed from Zandbergen Group. We serve various market segments with an enthusiastic and driven team. The purchasing and sales teams respond daily to supply and demand, whereby quality is always paramount. The logistics process plays a major role in this.

Our subsidiaries

The activities of Zandbergen Group are subdivided into four companies where the buying and selling and the logistical handling of roses are central.
With the required knowledge, experience and commitment of all our employees, Zandbergen Group supplies around 300 customers on a daily / weekly basis both at home and abroad.


Buying on FloraHolland's auction clocks and direct from growers

We buy our products daily at the main auction clocks and directly from various growers.
Quality and freshness are paramount. A fast stock rotation ensures that we always offer you a fresh product.

The link between the grower and the buyer

We ship our products daily from Africa and are active in both the retail and the premium segment.
Thanks to the many contacts and market knowledge of the sales team, Roseportal is able to provide information and advice on prices, market developments, assortment selection and concluding fixed deals for the longer term.
The Roseportal sales team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to present an offer to a large and diverse group of buyers such as exporters, suppliers of supermarkets, florists and the "Flying Dutchmen".



Ready made bouquets for the European retailers

The supply chain of Global Flower Trading is short and efficient.We are the link between rose grower and retailer.
We take care of the processing of various lines for our customers based on specific wishes.
Your wish is our demand.
We guarantee you an excellent end product through efficient purchasing, logistics and adequate quality inspection.
In recent years, the organization has been committed to guaranteeing the "traceability" of our product through various certifications.

Transport for the Horticultural sector

We have chosen to manage the logistics process to the customer in-house.
This offers us flexibility and enables us to deliver the product to you on time.
Zandbergen Group also offers you the possibility to also transport your product between the auctions and we provide air freight transport from Africa for various customers.
By consolidating the products in Nairobi you avoid document costs and you are relieved.
In short: "door to door" service for a competitive "all-in" rate.