Fresh from the source

On our the webshop, Roseportal can be used to buy directly from both Dutch and African growers.
Our purchasing takes place on a weekly, yearly and intermediary basis.
Roseportal maintains daily purchasing flows from Africa, so there is always an available product available for you.
The Dutch product is of course also available in the web shop, which also applies: "Fresh from the source".
If you are interested in a fixed deal then you are at the right place at Roseportal.

Rose Farm in Africa

We maintain daily contact with various African growers and, in addition to the year-round deals, additional orders are placed based on estimates of supply and demand.
The grower ensures efficient (conditioned) transport to the airport.

Import from Afrika to the Netherlands

Once arrived at the airport, the various parties are consolidated and built up on aircraft pallets for transport where a quality check takes place.
The required documents are also provided.

Transport from airport

After arrival at the final destination the customs formalities take place and a possible phytosanitary inspection. After the flowers have been released, they are delivered to the Aalsmeer location.

Breaking down airplane pallets

The breaking down of the airplane pallets is a labor-intensive process in which the quantity and temperature of the product is checked.

Quality Control

The product undergoes a final quality check. After approval, the product is delivered to our logistics-cooled department.

Orderpicken and sorting

Once arrived at the logistics department, the products are labeled so that order picking and final delivery to the customer can be followed.
When the order for the customer is ready for delivery, a final check takes place.


The products are transported from the logistics department to the correct auction location and internally driven to the desired delivery location.

Robert-Jan de Koning

Account Manager