From grower to retailer

The supply chain of Global Flower Trading is short and efficient. We are the link between rose grower and retailer.
Together with our growers we strive for a long-term cooperation in which a fair and sustainable chain is central. We are the link between grower and European retailer when it comes to rose products.
Through solid relationships with suppliers from various production areas, constant exchange of information about the quality delivered with our suppliers and through the use of advanced techniques, Global Flower Trading is able to deliver products of consistent quality all year round. Global Flower Trading focuses on cut roses in the range of 2.8 cm - 4.5 cm head size.


The process starts at the grower. Together with our partner growers, we stand for a fresh, efficient and fair supply chain. Since the existence of Global Flower Trading we have built many long-term relationships with growers from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Rwanda.

Quality Control

The product undergoes a final quality check. After approval, the product is delivered to the processing department.


After the quality check, we start processing fresh roses into ready-made products. Our production team is very professional, efficient and creative when it comes to processing flowers. Your wish is our demand!


In addition to supplying ready-made rose products, we also assist our clients with new concepts, sourcing the right products in Africa and giving advice on the latest market developments.


The products are transported by our logistics department to the correct delivery location.